By Elliot Boz

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Most countries worldwide use non-sustainable energy like oil and coal. These sources of energy damage our environment when they are collected, and used in society. Also, parts of Haiti, Algeria, Kenya and many other countries do not have a sustainable source of energy. It is our job, as designers to create a product that can be easily accessible and can impact so many people that are in need of energy. // I want to create a frisbee that contains a wind turbine inside that would generate energy as it is thrown. The wind turbine would not only make and contain energy, it would also cause lift so that the frisbee could fly farther. So far I have not experimented with the design or created a working prototype. I would like to make a plausible prototype with the help of your mentorship.

Audience Target and Why It is Important

The target audience is broad because there is a vast amount of need for sustainable energy. I want to help kids in countries that don't have access to sustainable energy. By using my product they could power light and heat in there communities.

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