XO Cycle

By Elliot Boz

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Design Tech High School


I want to create a generator that can produce energy from a bicycle wheel. The generator would have the same premise as faraday flashlight and would firmly attach to a wheel on a bicycle by two 3D printed clips; as the wheel would turn, the flashlight would flip, and the magnet would slide through the coils and generate energy. The project definitely needs some work! The generator worked for the most part except for one problem, centripetal force. As the bike wheel would spin faster, the magnet would stay on the outside of the flashlight and would not pass through the coil, therefore not producing energy. We tried to overcome this challenge by moving the generator into different parts of the bike or disconnecting the magnet and the coil, and trying to make them interact in a different way. Unfortunately, we could not find a logical solution to our problem.

Audience Target and Why It is Important

The target audience is broad because there is a vast amount of need for sustainable energy. I want to help kids in countries that don't have access to sustainable energy. By using my product they could power lights and heat in there communities.

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