Stanford Designership Press

By Freedom Cheteni

business Affiliation
Stanford University


The Designership Press at Stanford will be the first peer review journal that will amplify the ability for undergraduate and high school students to publish multi-media peer review journals without having to rely on existing systems that may be inaccessible. In collaboration with Creative Commons, Yewno, Design Tech High, Stanford, Yewno and the Open Journal System. First launched in 2001, Open Journal Systems is open source software developed by the Public Knowledge Project, a university based initiative at Simon Fraser University and Stanford. It is used by over 10,000 journals around the world with close to 90% of them making their peer-reviewed content free-to-read or open access. The majority are in the Global South, cover all of the disciplines, and the publishers are typically non-commercial groups of scholars who want to run their own journal publishing system and make the content free. Designership will also use the harvester that many of these journals use also indexed through Google Scholar. Integrating Yewno Discover and OJS will shift the way peer review publication occurs.

Audience Target and Why It is Important

High School students and undergraduates. There is currently no accredited Journal Platform where high school students and undergraduate students can share their original work and given credit for their inventions or innovations in the academic arena. Desi

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