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By Angela Dancheva

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The inspiration behind the idea of creating mobile libraries that offer youth opportunities to inquire, learn, and grow comes from a deep place of passion and concern. Having been transformed and impacted by many fiction and nonfiction texts during my youth and upbringing, it is crucial for young people to have access to the same opportunities and fundamental rights. It is especially important in today's world where cuts and attacks to vital resources and programs in K-12 public schools are impacting the skills and abilities of our future leaders.

The "Bookmobile" is a concept that involves having a mobile library populated with all types of literary genres, young adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as a "free books" section available to young readers that do not have access to books or libraries at their school sites. Essentially, the Bookmobile will travel to the designated school sites and offer resources to students that are otherwise nonexistent. 

Audience Target and Why It is Important

Readers of all ages are encouraged and welcomed to check out books from the Bookmobile; however, the target audience for this project are young students in K-12 that do not have libraries and/or books at their respective school sites due to budget cuts and underfunding. As a teacher at Latino College Preparatory Academy, I know from first hand experience the devastating reality of not having a library accessible to students. In addition, the hazardous shift away from books in public education instruction has caused drastic declines in students' writing, reading, and critical thinking skills over the span of the last several decades based on longitudinal and cross-sectional data. Therefore, this project would provide the necessary resources to those students who make up a vast majority of our population in California.

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