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We are a currently Facebook group, hopefully a non-profit in the near future, dedicated to encouraging kids get involved in volunteering from birth to school age.

We post all kinds of kids-friendly volunteer opportunities, photos, and articles to help families with kids to enjoy the volunteer work.

We believe it's the best for the family: this would be the best bonding time for the parents and the kids. Embrace giving back the to society and caring as part of the family culture. Let the parents to be the role model to the kids. At the same time, it's great volunteer work and chance for the parents to give back.

It's the best for the kids: kids can learn so much from volunteering all the way from science related topic like native plant, endangered and endemic species, kale to society related topic like caring for seniors, hunger. Frequently, kids can make friends with other kids who also join the volunteer work.

It's the best for the society: the impact made by families to the society is huge. What's more important. Anyone starts to volunteer as a kids tends to continue volunteer. All together, we can help to make the world a better place.

Go! Little Volunteer!

Audience Target and Why It is Important

We are targeting all the paretns with kids age from born to teen. 

Seeking support for website development and daily operation. 

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