Linking Digital Reality with Physical Reality Financially

By Jared

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A blockchain network designed to facilitate player-to-player transactions in order to benefit players financially, and give the time and money that they've spent virtually a tangible value in the physical world. This can give them a secondary income, or potentially even become their primary source of income. Additionally, game developers also benefit from the network as players are more likely to purchase from them when they know that they can get some of that money back, or even turn a profit. Game items will be able to fluctuate in value based on supply and demand, similarly to stocks.

Audience Target and Why It is Important

The target audience are game users, who often spend massive amounts of time and money in games, and never get anything tangible back out of it, because the extent of their financial interaction is typically between player to server, and the server always wins. The network will also allow them to sell items that they've made or obtained ingame, and help support themselves in the primary reality as a secondary income. However, this system also highly benefits game developers by increasing the value of their items by allowing their value to increase through the transactions (like stocks), and make players more likely to purchase items in general, because they know that they can get some amount of their money back, or even sell it for a profit.

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