Fully Immersive VR

By Sam Colman

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Design Tech High School/ Spight Institute


My end goal is to create a way to experience virtual reality as if it were the real world. This would include being able to feel all 5 basic senses, interact with objects and the environment as you would in the real world (climb stairs, sit on a chair, make a bowl of cereal, etc.), and traverse whatever world the user is in, without moving in the real world. Currently we are working on tracking the entire human body, rather than just the headset and two controller that the Oculus Rift comes with.

Audience Target and Why It is Important

This project is meant for all VR Users and developers and it has many applications. Once VR becomes mainstream (affordable), teachers would be able to take their students back in time and participate in the American Revolution, walk through a market in an ancient Greek Agora, or join a caravan on the Silk Road . It would also encourage creativity by allowing users to experience their favorite fantasy worlds, but make their own story. Furthermore, we believe that it would help make the world empathetic, since in VR the user can literally step into someone else's shoes. Essentially, this allows us to experience our reality, without limitations.

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