Journal A2I3R

By Portia Kwan

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Design Tech High School, Stanford Designership Press, and PAUSD


Journal A2I3R is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic research journal featuring posters and personal stories behind the project from high school students. The journal’s headquarter is located at the Palo Alto Unified School District’s Advanced Authentic Research (AAR) program office in Silicon Valley. Journal A2I3R is a collaborative partnership between Stanford University’s Peace Innovation Lab, Graduate School of Education, the Public Knowledge Project and the Designership Institute. Journal A2I3R is committed to amplifying the voices of ALL high school students, while fortifying AAR's three key elements of personalized learning, integration of knowledge, and developing communication skills. In collaboration with Stanford University's long-range planning, AAR strives to fulfill its original vision of nurturing student interest and igniting student passion through real world, hands on research enabling students to explore career pathways. Journal A2I3R = Advanced Authentic (Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Innovation) Research

Audience Target and Why It is Important

The target audience is high school students all around the world. It is important that students have a platform where they can share their academic research and projects and Journal AIR does just that.

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