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When educators adopt a powerful, new mindset, anything is truly possible.

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Our Belief

When educators adopt a powerful, new mindset, anything is truly possible. We believe that every child deserves to be taught in a way that enriches their minds, that unlocks their true potential, and provides them with lifelong skills to really flourish in today’s world.

Our Mission

Moonshots involve goals that are difficult to achieve, perhaps seemingly impossible. Our mission is to help everyone involved in K-12 education - teachers, students, parents and administrators - "shoot for the moon" by aspiring to, and achieving, transformations that they once thought impossible.


We Need it
The 21st century demands a fundamental shift in the mindset and culture of teaching today. Moonshot education enables every child to reach their fullest potential by being fully engaged and inspired in their learning.

If you believe in them, they believe in themselves. Basically what I do in class is to apply TRICK, which stands for: Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration & Kindness, which is what I think belongs in every class. You can’t do anything without trust.”

- Esther Wojcicki

Our Goals

For Students

Our goal is to have all students experience as much real-world accomplishment as possible as part of their K-12 education, through projects based on their individual interests and passions.

For Teachers

Our goal is to help all teachers transform their practice to include more blended learning, real-world projects, and student autonomy, while still doing the job they need to do.

Moonshot Ideas

Victoria Falls Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology

The idea: Establish theVictoria Falls Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology- an innovative school designed to improve and increase learning achievement among students by transforming what we teach and how we teach.  

The school will offer a tailored curriculum that explicitly integrates the academic with the practical—emphasizing project and inquiry based learning, problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, creativity, entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, community service, confidence and character building—uniquely designed for Zimbabwe’s student and drawing on the natural resources of the country. 

The proposed school is intended to: (i) supplement the government’s inadequate capacity to deliver quality education services for all children, (ii) help narrow the achievement gap between children from poor households and rich households, and (iii) improve transition rates from primary to secondary education and onto to university or technical colleges. It is hoped that the school will provide a model of excellence in alternative approaches and innovation in teaching and learning. To that end, the school will move away from route memorization and learning just to pass examinations and towards active, life long learning and ensure that learning activities in school are engaging, meaningful, multi-faceted, and linked to everyday life in the local community. 




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